Requiem for CrossFit Long Beach

Okay, it is done. Two years after shutting the doors of the gym I have finally asked for my CrossFit affiliation to be terminated and it has been granted. After 17 years of existence, CrossFit Long Beach is no longer.

It was a lot harder to do than I thought it would be. Not the process of actually terminating – that was a simple email exchange – but the pulling of the trigger.

Despite the great burden that I felt the gym was in the last years, there is still a great sadness knowing that it is over. I guess both things are possible. On one hand I met a lot of great people and made some incredible friends and enjoyed being around them daily. On the other hand I was bored with my work (there are only so many thousands of times you can teach squat mechanics) and tired of the burden of overhead.

There are other things that I need to do in my life and also owning a gym isn’t possible – so getting out was the right decision and I have no regrets. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t miss it…

2 thoughts on “Requiem for CrossFit Long Beach”

  1. I am thankful to you and Gina for everything CrossFit Long Beach has done for my life.

    Everything I have and who I am now as a person is because of what I learned and accomplished as a member and an employee for CrossFit Long Beach/Fittestry.
    Without CFLB, I wouldn’t have gotten in the best shape of my life and learned to maintain it, wouldn’t have met the love of my life, wouldn’t have the son we now have and wouldn’t have you both as cherished friends.

    Thank you. For everything!

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