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WOD Saturday 01-29-2022

For time:

Bike 3,000 meters
75 kettlebell swings
Row 1,000 meters
60 wall-ball shots
Run 800 meters
45 pull-ups

♀ 24-kg KB, 14-lb ball
♂ 32-kg KB, 20-lb ball

Post time to comments.
Compare to 130629.

Beginner-level athletes should reduce the overall volume of this workout. Intermediate athletes can do this workout as prescribed and complete as much work as possible in 25 minutes or less.

Beginner Option:
For time:
Bike 1,500 meters
40 kettlebell swings
Row 500 meters
30 wall-ball shots
Run 400 meters
20 assisted pull-ups

♀ 8-kg KB, 6-lb ball
♂ 12-kg KB, 10-lb ball


One thought on “WOD Saturday 01-29-2022”

  1. 51:32 – Subbed 4 min row, biked with the dogs and it really slowed me down a lot. At best the ride was a slight warm-up. Probably should run with them next time instead. Was never really feeling this WOD but I completed it eventually.

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