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WOD Monday 04-04-2022

For time:

150 wall-ball shots

♀ 14-lb ball to 9-ft target
♂ 20-lb ball to 10-ft target

Post time to comments.
Compare to 210603.

This classic benchmark contains a high volume of a light weightlifting movement. Choose a load that allows you to hang on for large sets. Pacing and strategic rest periods will be required to log your best time.

Intermediate Option:
For time:
150 wall-ball shots

♀ 10-lb ball to 9-ft target
♂ 14-lb ball to 10-ft target

Beginner Option:
For time:
75 wall-ball shots

♀ 6-lb ball
♂ 10-lb ball


2 thoughts on “WOD Monday 04-04-2022”

  1. 10:00, modified

    Subbed 25# single DB thrusters with 1-second pause at top instead of wall ball shots

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