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WOD Friday 04-15-2022

Fight Gone Bad!
3 rounds for max reps of:

1 minute of wall-ball shots
1 minute of sumo deadlift high pulls
1 minute of box jumps
1 minute of push presses
1 minute of rowing (calories)
Rest 1 minute

♀ 14-lb ball to 9 ft, 55-lb SDHP and press, 20-in box
♂ 20-lb ball to 10 ft, 75-lb SDHP and press, 20-in box

Post total reps to comments.
Compare to 190421.

Most athletes should be able to stick with the interval pattern. Beginners should reduce the loading and height of the box. Intermediate athletes can complete this as prescribed.

Beginner Option: ♀ 6-lb ball to 9 ft, 35-lb SDHP and press, 12-in box
♂ 10-lb ball to 10 ft, 45-lb SDHP and press, 15-in box


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