WOD Monday 05-09-2022

Hope for Refugees
3 rounds of:

Shuttle runs, 8 m
Dumbbell snatches
Bike for calories
Dumbbell box step-ups
Strict burpees

This workout has the same format as Fight Gone Bad, working at each station for one minute then rotating. After completing all 5 stations, rest for 1 minute before starting the next round. One point is given for each rep, calorie biked, or shuttle-run length.

♀ 35-lb DB, 20-in box
♂ 50-lb DB, 24-in box

Use a single dumbbell for the snatches and step-ups. For the strict burpee, perform an honest push-up followed by an enthusiastic vertical jump.

One thought on “WOD Monday 05-09-2022”

  1. Shuttle – 15/18/17
    Snatch 45# – 19/21/20
    Jumping Lunge R+L=1 – 14/12/15
    Box 45# – 14/13/12
    Burpee – 9/10/9

    Total: 218

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