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Not sure what this is all about?

Well, my name is Chad and I owned a gym in Long Beach from 2009 – 2019. Originally we operated under the name CrossFit Long Beach or CFLB. Several years later we re-branded to the name Fittestry. Even though we rebranded, we kept our CrossFit affiliation and continued to use CrossFit training and philosophy.

On December 31st 2019 I “closed the doors” at our location and handed my assets over to a new owner. So at the moment I have no physical gym space, staff, clients, or equipment except a few items in my garage.

After a year of rest and reflection I have decided to keep the CrossFit affiliation. (see update below) I have done this because over the last 15 years I have worked out using the CrossFit methodology and I do not plan on changing that. So, basically, I will always have a CrossFit gym. Even if it is just me and a set of rings in my back yard.

I do not know what I want to do yet with the affiliation – or if I want to do anything. I do know that I do not want to own a large gym again with a big space and tons of members. Owning a business like that was all consuming and, while I loved it and all of the people I met and became friends with, I would like to try other things in my life.

So… here we are.

I think the easiest way to put it is:

I am Fittestry (my own business), and we are home of CrossFit Long Beach (a CrossFit affiliate since 2005). We are a garage gym or garage affiliate.

And… at the moment, I work out alone in my garage with minimal equipment. I built this site mainly as a way to log my workouts and share them with any friends that would like to follow along. I have also started putting some of the workouts on my youtube channel. I try to put up two per week. (see update below)

If you somehow made it here and are looking for the big gym experience, I can’t help you.

If you are looking for something different, then contact me. We can talk.

If you are a past member or employee or volunteer of Fittestry or CrossFit Long Beach, THANK YOU! for being a part of ten amazing years. Please keep in touch, I would love to hear from you. It may require some old timey things like email, a phone or in person because I am not on any social media except Youtube.

Update 08-29-2022

I ended up forfeiting my affiliation – CrossFit Long Beach is officially dead. One of the few requirements for maintaining a CrossFit affiliation is that you must have liability insurance. The cost of yearly affiliation plus insurance just made things untenable when zero revenue was incoming. So… that’s that.

Also, I quit posting videos to Youtube a while ago. They were getting absolutely no views and, quite frankly, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to watch them. Watching someone workout has to be a contender for the-most-boring-thing-ever award. Taking video of them has to be as useless as taking photos of monuments.

That is all I have for now. I will continue to post daily workouts which are just pulled from and I will continue to do them. I do miss having others to workout with and push me, so if you are interested in ever joining me, please reach out.


Email me at or call/text 562-810-five-eight-four-one

– Chad Cross
CrossFit CF-L2 Trainer